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New Yang, New Yin

So another year has come around, don't they come around faster the older we become? But also we just entered a new decade........

Already we are seeing plastered all over social media the new year, new me and the motivational quotes and post of what we want to achieve not just in a year but a new decade. like many I read them and nod my head in agreement but im more of a realist at this sort of stuff so I try to think realistically how this new year, new decade will unfold.

We seem to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to set resolutions, goals, achievements we want to accomplish in the next 12 months or now more so as a new decade is here (not that we haven't had many in our lives maybe this one is more noticeable) what will the next 10 years of our lives bring, what do we want to achieve?

Now 10 years ago I was....well late 20s I lived in a little flat in the centre of town, which like any place I lay my, coats, handbags, dresses etc etc is my home and if you know me I will make a flat, a house even a cardboard box my home, it really is where my heart is.These days more so then ever as I retreat for cover from this world we are creating around us. I worked a 9-5 job, I went to the gym to train hard every night, I went out partying and just lived up life, lived for the weekend with what I can remember with very few expectations. If I went back in time and sat me down in my nice flat and said in 10 years time you will of moved house twice, fallen in love, got married, then got divorced, you would of quit your 9-5 Job and will be a yoga teacher and you will of adopted two cats. I would of spat my tea out - not coffee I didnt drink it then! and laughter - NO CHANCE! At this point future me would of uttered "Good Luck"

As we all know a lot can happen in 10 years but a lot can also happen in 1 year and not always what we had planned. See planning is great im all for that, not so great at it these days unless its a yoga class plan but we need to be more fluid with them.

We seem to hit the new year after all the "oh well it is Christmas" comments with a fresh new outlook all of a sudden on what life will consist of. We set ourselves goals, we set ourselves promises, we set ourselves challenges.

Change is inevitable in everything and everyone. So why do we put the pressure on ourselves to change something about ourselves, something that we were doing that we don't want to any longer or that you were not doing that you vowed to start?

Don't get me wrong change is good the problems is the pressure that comes with it. Setting resolutions is good its the outcome when we don't achieve or succeed that is bad. We can be setting ourselves up for failure, setting ourselves up for disappointment and how we handle that is more important then the resolution setting itself.

There are 365 days in a year, 12 months, 52 weeks, we should constantly be improving ourselves each day, week, month, not just start on the 1st of January each year. When we set a resolution we are saying that the way we are right now isn't good enough, we should be better or different too what we are right now. You have to ask yourself a few questions. Why are you not content with the way you are right now, with your life or body or mind? Who is it that is making you think that it should be different? Can you answer those questions, honestly and whole heartedly? Are the changes you want to make for yourself, your family or is it pressure outside that is making you feel you need to change?

There is always a yang to every yin. Yang is the above resolutions setting with the energy of intent for or with change, passion, movement, accomplishments. But to balance this out we need some Yin.....

Yin is about acceptance, allowing, stillness, enjoying the moment today, tomorrow.

Our Yang resolutions need to have Yin resolutions also. So when we don't achieve the first resolution how we wished we sit and accept that we allow it to be and see what we have achieved and build on it without the pressure of do or don't do. Otherwise it is no surprise that the intentions set for new year or decade if you really are going that far you planner freaks are left broken and do not give us the results we want. This just creates and feeds the cycle of change of we must try harder or do more, most likely with the same results. When we fail we tend to have a drop in our mental well being, in our drive we then dip lower at times this is where Yin should kick in to get you back on the Yang tracks.

Try to accept the things you cannot change, allowing that energy to flow to other aspects. If one day you fail at one of your resolutions find some stillness to accept that this is just today and tomorrow is a fresh start to start again. Looking forward to much will build pressure, so tomorrow is just another day and your resolutions will still be there for you to strive towards, who cares if you don't reach the goal you set, move the goal posts. Don't put your goals, targets, dreams in ink, pencil will do just fine so you can move that mark

to keep striving towards it. Yin has a lot to answer for in the achievement of our Yang dreams.

So go ahead set your 2020 and decade (ha) intentions but in that list ensure you have a Yin for every Yang.

Be kind to yourselves this new year.

Kate xx

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